Your Commercial Builder in Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

Delivering exquisite finishes, crafted with quality workmanship & high-end care.

BMG Building QLD is a client-focused, building company, delivering all types of projects in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas. *

With over twenty-five years experience, BMG Building QLD specialises in providing commercial projects in any form. With a reputation for excellence, our work as a local Brisbane builder extends from anything residential to anything commercial, to opulent showpiece statements like our recent Christie Spaces project “Common Ground”.

BMG Building QLD is founded upon core connections to the industry and continual, specialised training for our team. We take pride in our craft and known for looking after our clients, operating transparency and delivering a professional result that exceeds expectations.

*If your project resides out of our normal service areas, get in touch. We will travel for the right project.


BMG Building QLD has nurtured strategic relationships with our suppliers to ensure our clients receive the highest quality work. We stand behind our guarantee that our projects are constructed with premium materials that are built to stand the test time.


BMG Building QLD values mentoring the next generation of builders and industry workers. Our apprenticeships provide quality training that is site-specific and backed by TAFE education. To us, you are not just another on-site worker, but the next generation of carpenters, plasterers or even builders working on our homes and commercial buildings in Brisbane. We take you under our wing to ensure you have the best start in this demanding and competitive industry.

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